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The Proclaimed Offender Jasbir Singh

Jasbir Singh 1984

S. Jasbir Singh has recently got a lot of publicity where he is coming frequently on the TV Channel where he says that he has run away to America because he was threatened and afraid of Jagdish Tytler. The truth is that S. Jasbir Singh was charged u/s 398, 506/34 of the IPC for attempt to murder and he jumped bail. There is a open warrant for his arrest from the Hon. Court of Hon. Rajiv Mehta, Addl. Sessions Judge and has been declared as a “Proclaimed Offender (PO) on 21/1/2004 on an FIR No. 120/97 at Police Station Indraprasth Estate, New Delhi.

As per the record of the Court, he has assaulted and beaten up, with a sharp weapon, with intent to murder (u/s 308), to prevent the witness in the case from going to Court to depose in the case in the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots. He tried to stop them with a bribe of Rs. 24 Lakhs by telling them not to give evidence against a political person who was involved in the 1984 Riots. He threatened to kill Smt. Darshan Kaur, w/o Late Ram Singh and her sister Smt. Kamlesh Kaur, w/o S. Bhajan Singh r/o P-171 Raghubir Nagar, Delhi; and when they refused, he not only assaulted them but also assaulted a Police officer who was protecting them.

Who is Jasbir Singh?

Jasbir Singh

Jasbir Singh is
a “Procllaimed Offender (PO)” who has been charged u/s 308/506/34 of the IPC by the Addl. Sessions Judge, Rajiv Mehra on 21/1/2004 under FIR No. 129/97 of the Indraprasth Police Station, New Delhi.






DATE OF BIRTH: 06/08/1966

Adverse Court case, under-trial

Passport got verified through
Tatkaal Scheme.

PASSPORT NO B – 5077691

Date of Issue: 21/03/2001

Valid Up To: 20/03/2011

OLD PASSPORT NO. A – 61177501
dated 02/09/1998

Issued at Delhi.

Cleared on Counter – 21/03/2001

CID REPORT H – 972586 dated 30/01/1991
New Delhi.

The Proclaimed Offender Jasbir Singh also possessed two passports.

Eleven Commissions were constituted about the 1984 Sikh Riots. The general public and the people who were affected were asked to file affidavits. No affidavit was given against Mr. Jagdish Tytler, by anyone, in all the eleven commissions.

A twelfth commission was constituted named the Justice Nanavati Commission, in which two affidavits were filed.

There were two affidavits:

1. by Jasbir Singh; and

2. by S. Surender Singh.


A. Accusation
Jasbir Singh’s affidavit states that on 3rd November, 1984, at 11.00 p.m. at night he saw Mr. Jagdish Tytler rebuking the people in Kingsway Camp near the T.B. Hospital gate “His position has been greatly compromised and lowered in the eyes of Central leaders. There has been only nominal killing in his constituency compared to East Delhi, Outer Delhi, Cantt. etc. (and) how he would be able to stake his claims in future”

This is a mischievous lie, because I was not there. Delhi was under curfew with shoot at sight orders. Therefore my going out at late at night, during curfew hours, the gathering of people at the gate of the T.B. Hospital , and my telling them what they should or should not do, does not arise. (The Home Ministry’s letter collaborates the curfew and we have the letter from the Home Ministry in our possession) Jasbir Singh states the he stayed in the house of S.Sucha Singh, in Kingsway Camp that night. As per the affidavit of S.Sucha Singh to the CBI, Sucha Singh states that that Jasbir Singh never stayed in his house, that he does not know, nor ever seen or spoken to Jasbir Singh at all. (The copy of S. Sucha Singh’s affidavit is in our possession). Jasbir Singh has run off to America and has said that his life is in danger and that he had been threatened by Mr. Jagdish Tytler in interviews to this effect from California. The truth is that he is a criminal who is wanted by the courts in Delhi. He was sentenced, he jumped bail, and ran away to America as an absconder.

The so-called witness called S. Jasbir Singh, who has been speaking to the media with all sorts of lies is actually a “Procllaimed Offender (PO)” has been charged u/s 308/506/34 of the IPC by the Addl. Sessions Judge, Rajiv Mehra on 21/1/2004 under FIR No. 129/97 of the Indraprasth Police Station, New Delhi.

The IBN-CNN channel has taken credit and is airing its success by saying that they had found Jasbir Singh, where the CBI could not.


In his first Affidavit in English, he says in the affidavit that on 1st November, 1984, at 09.00 am he saw Mr. Jagdish Tytler leading the mob which attacked the Gurudwara and saying “kill the Sikhs because they have killed Mrs. Indira Gandhi.”

When S.Surender Singh says that when he was made to sign the affidavit by Mr. Phulka it was for compensation and the affidavit was written in English. The affidavit was brought by Mr. Phulka.. When he came to know that in the affidavit, instead of compensation, Mr. Tytler’s name was put in, he gave another affidavit to the Justice Nanavati Commission in which he says that he did not know English or any other language except Gurumukhi. When he came to know that Mr. Tytler’s name was mentioned, and he had not taken the name of Mr. Tytler; he gave the second affidavit in Gurmukhi to the Justice Nanavati Commision. In the affidavit in Gurmukhi, he says that (a) he does not read, write or speak in English; (b) he had signed the affidavit in Gurmukhi, in good faith; (c) he states that the contents of the affidavit in English was wrong and false; and (d) that he personally gave the second affidavit in Gurmukhi to the Justice Nanavati Commission stating that “I did not see Mr. Jagdish Tytler at all.”

IBN-CNN did a sting operation where they doctored the whole interview and S. Surender Singh has given a notice to them through his lawyer, stating that he should stop this nonsense at once, and stop showing false and doctored interviews. (The lawyer’s notice is in our possession)